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Kunal Gupta

About me

I have always been an explorer first, taking pictures has been a mere by-product of this incessant need to… well, just experience!

Having traveled through many interesting regions of the world, my pictures have served as a means of chronicling this journey, an attempt to capture in .jpg the exhilaration of watching the first rays of light atop a remote Himalayan glacier, that heart stopping moment when you stare into the eyes of a Bengal tiger 10ft away, being awestruck as the marble of the Taj Mahal comes alive on a moonlit winter night, the majesty of a giant Manta Ray gliding past 50ft underwater, the thrill of spotting a Bird of Paradise after an arduous two day hike, the emotion of watching an old lady see a picture of herself for the very first time!

I live for these moments that take your breath away, that make you rejoice at being alive that make you yearn for more, that make you smile when you look back!

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